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Introducing ourselves

Opening the door to opportunity

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Founded in 2010 by four experienced investment professionals, the mission of Connection Capital has always been to liberate private equity and alternative asset opportunities from the confines of the institutional market and make them accessible to experienced private investors.

What we do

We provide access to alternative investment opportunities to a vetted audience of high net worth individuals and family offices.

The opportunities we carefully curate for our clients are not readily available by any other means. They are usually targeted at institutional sources of capital and would normally require a minimum investment of at least £1m and often much higher.

Our innovative model reduces the entry point to just £25,000 by pooling our clients’ capital on a deal-by-deal basis. Our clients are free to self-select from the opportunities we present and can build their own bespoke portfolio over time.

Sharing our knowledge

We run a series of free-to-attend workshops and webinars throughout the year which focus on the different types of alternative investments that we offer.

These are presented by technical specialists and members of our senior team and offer a great opportunity to understand more about each asset class, our processes and what we're focusing on.

We  endeavour to create access not just to our team but the management teams of the investments we present too.

Once you have registered, look out for emails that detail future programming and invitations to specific events.

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A comprehensive and supportive experience

We believe that alternatives are an excellent way of diversifying and enhancing returns so we offer opportunities and strategies across the whole spectrum of alternative investments.

Our robust technology platform is underpinned by an experienced and insightful team with the expertise to source, structure, manage and regularly report on investments all the way to exit.

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, reduce volatility and target attractive returns beyond traditional asset classes then we should talk.